Kudlow insists trade talks have not ‘broken down’

- Juni 03, 2018

The president’s top economic adviser insisted on Sunday that trade talks with allies have not completely broken down, despite last week’s implementation of tariffs and threats of even more.

“Good faith negotiations are welcome and we hope to continue there, so I don't think things are broken down,” Larry Kudlow said on “Fox News Sunday.”

President Donald Trump last week announced he was imposing metal tariffs against Mexico, Canada and the European Union. The allies announced their own plans to retaliate with tariffs on American goods. “The fact that the president has moved forward with these tariffs is not just going to hurt Canadian jobs. It's going to hurt U.S. jobs as well,“ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Despite that, Kudlow repeatedly classified the dispute as a family squabble.

“I don’t think our tariffs are anything to do with our friendship and our long-standing alliance with Canada,” he said. “I don't think we’re satisfied yet that they will protect or uphold all the shipments of steel coming into Canada from around the world.”

Kudlow also stressed that the administration still welcomes “good faith negotiations.”

“This is a trade dispute, if you will. It can be solved if people work together,” he said.


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