Trump spending cut proposal now expected at $15B

- Mei 07, 2018

The White House is expected to scale up its spending cuts proposal to $15 billion, according to multiple Republicans familiar with the request.

The Trump administration had last week planned to send Congress a package of $11 billion in spending reductions, but since then some conservatives have demanded a more austere approach, those Republicans said.

The White House initially floated as much as $60 billion in cuts, including an unprecedented attempt to cancel money from this year’s omnibus spending bill. The proposal was later said to have been downsized to $11 billion, targeting only unused funding from past years.

The administration will still send the request to Capitol Hill this week, but it will no longer be sent today, as had earlier been predicted. Now, the package is expected as early as Tuesday, those familiar with the plan said.

They said it is still set to tap only funding from years past, not the omnibus.

The process, known as presidential rescissions, asks lawmakers to cancel funds that have already been approved, but haven’t been spent.

Under the special budget powers, the rescissions request is not subject to the Senate's filibuster.

John Bresnahan contributed to this story.


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