Civil rights groups sue HUD over fair housing rule

- Mei 08, 2018

The National Fair Housing Alliance is suing the Department of Housing and Urban Development over the way it handled an Obama-era anti-discrimination rule.

The complaint alleges that HUD in January unlawfully suspended a federal requirement that state and local governments crack down on segregated housing practices in order to receive HUD funding.

Under Secretary Ben Carson — who publicly slammed the Obama administration’s 2015 “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” rule as “social engineering” — HUD in January announced a five-year delay to the implementation of the rule.

The rule would require jurisdictions receiving HUD funding to conduct more rigorous assessments of possible segregation in order to get the money. With the rule effectively suspended, grantees can use their pre-2015 processes, which were found lacking in a 2010 GAO report.

The NFHA, joined by the groups Texas Appleseed and Texas Low Income Housing Information Service, alleges that HUD violated the Administrative Procedure Act by failing to provide advance notice or allow public comment before delaying the rule.


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