Trump credits Mexico for reportedly breaking up migrant caravan

- April 05, 2018

President Donald Trump on Thursday celebrated the move by Mexican authorities this week to break up a large group of migrants making their way north towards the U.S., claiming credit for a reduction in illegal border crossings while insisting that such crossings remain too frequent.

“The Caravan is largely broken up thanks to the strong immigration laws of Mexico and their willingness to use them so as not to cause a giant scene at our Border,” the president wrote online. “Because of the Trump Administrations actions, Border crossings are at a still UNACCEPTABLE 46 year low. Stop drugs!”

Border security has been an intense focus of the president’s this week, beginning last Sunday when he posted a series of tweets on the subject. Trump also announced earlier this week that he would deploy U.S. troops along the Mexican border, a step that both of his immediate predecessors took at different points in their tenures as well, until his promised border wall is completed.

Much of the president’s preoccupation with border security this week seems to have been prompted by the caravan of immigrants, mostly from Honduras, that had been making its way north through Mexico, past immigration checkpoints and other government installations. The president claimed credit this week for efforts by Mexican authorities to break up the caravan, which Trump said they did at his demand.


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