Trump accuses California's governor of not protecting border

- April 17, 2018

President Donald Trump warned Tuesday that “the high crime rate will only get higher” along California’s border with Mexico after the state’s Democratic governor turned down administration plans to deploy National Guard troops along the border.

“Looks like Jerry Brown and California are not looking for safety and security along their very porous Border. He cannot come to terms for the National Guard to patrol and protect the Border,” the president wrote on Twitter. “The high crime rate will only get higher. Much wanted Wall in San Diego already started!”

Brown, the only Democratic governor of a state bordering Mexico, had originally agreed to Trump’s request to deploy the National Guard along the border, a step the president has said is necessary until his long-promised border wall is completed. But Brown’s willingness to deploy the California guard came with a condition that they not be used, even in a supporting role, for immigration enforcement, according to the Associated Press. The California governor's offer to deploy troops along his state's border with Mexico remains in place, according to the AP.

Citing anonymous sources, the AP reported Monday that California had rejected the federal government’s plan because it featured duties that the state considered too closely tied to immigration enforcement, including vehicle maintenance, operating surveillance drones and reporting suspicious activity to border patrol, radio operation and clerical and administrative work. The AP noted that the California guard has carried out those types of duties in previous border deployments under past presidential administrations.

National Guard troops in Texas are already conducting air and ground surveillance, the AP reported, while troops in New Mexico and Arizona will offer air and ground support.


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