Facebook: Cambridge Analytica got data on up to 87M people

- April 04, 2018

Facebook said Wednesday that Cambridge Analytica may have improperly obtained data on up to 87 million of the social network's users, far more than the 50 million originally reported.

The disclosure — made as part of an announcement of privacy changes aimed at restricting access to Facebook user data — comes less than a week before CEO Mark Zuckerberg is due to testify in Congress. The company has been scrambling to address the furor over Cambridge Analytica and continuing criticism about Russian manipulation of its platform during the 2016 election.

The Cambridge Analytica controversy exploded last month, when reports emerged that Facebook had known since 2015 that the Donald Trump-linked data firm had improperly obtained information on some 50 million users via an academic researcher. What's more, Facebook had failed to verify that Cambridge Analytica deleted the data once the violation was discovered.

The scandal and fears that it will lead to regulation have hit Facebook's share price hard and sparked calls for Zuckerberg to go before lawmakers to explain his company's actions. He's due to testify at a House Energy and Commerce hearing April 11 and is expected to appear before one or two Senate panels next week as well. The Federal Trade Commission is also investigating Facebook's practices.

Zuckerberg is due to answer reporters' questions later Wednesday.


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