Pompeo: U.S. making 'no concessions' to North Korea

- Maret 11, 2018

CIA Director Mike Pompeo says the U.S. won't be making any "concessions" to North Korea ahead of any talks with President Donald Trump.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un must "continue to allow us to perform our military-necessary exercises on the peninsula, and then he’s got to make sure that he leaves on the table that discussion for denuclearization,” Pompeo said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“These are real achievements,” he added. “These are conditions that the North Korean regime has never submitted to in exchange for conversations.”

Any discussions between Trump and Kim will “play out over time,” Pompeo said, but the first negotiations would likely to set the tone for what arrangements will be deemed acceptable.

“Make no mistake about it,” he said. “While these negotiations are going on, there will be no concessions made.”

In the meantime, Pompeo said, the U.S. will continue to take steps to disrupt the North Korean economy and pressure the regime.

“Those [efforts] will continue," he added, "and we will see how the talks and negotiation proceed."


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