Ex-Trump aide says he plans to defy subpoena in Russia probe

- Maret 05, 2018

One of Donald Trump’s first presidential campaign aides appears to be going rogue on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Sam Nunberg, an outspoken former Trump aide who was fired in August 2015 over racially charged Facebook posts, went public Monday with his plans to defy both the special counsel’s subpoena for documents in the Russia probe and a separate summons to appear Friday before a federal grand jury.

“I’m not going to cooperate,” Nunberg told MSNBC, one in a series of interviews he gave about his plans to ignore the special counsel’s queries.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Nunberg outed himself as the source of a subpoena that surfaced in media reports over the weekend. The subpoena demanded all communications he’d had with Trump and nine other campaign aides dating back to November 2015, including former campaign chiefs Corey Lewandowski, Paul Manafort and Steve Bannon.

Nunberg also described in detail some of the questions he said he was asked by Mueller’s investigators during a five-plus hour interview last month in Washington, including whether Trump took policy positions during the campaign because of his private business dealings. “I will tell you he never told me that,” Nunberg replied.

Mueller’s team also asked whether he’d ever heard anyone speak Russian in Trump’s office.

“That is ridiculous,” Nunberg said.

A Mueller spokesman declined to comment on Nunberg’s description of the interview or on his plans to defy both the subpoena for documents and for a Friday grand jury appearance.


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