Donald Trump Jr. Just Found Himself In Ethical Hot Water Making Big Bucks Off Paid Speeches

- Oktober 05, 2017

The hypocrisy of the Trump family is sometimes too much to bear. During the presidential campaign, we saw President Trump and his sons demonize Hillary Clinton for everything she’s ever done, and many things she would never do.

Private emails and paid speeches were lambasted as the height of corruption and evidence of Clinton’s supposed criminality and evilness, transgressions worthy of a prison sentence – or worse, as they glibly hinted time and time again.

Which makes it beyond infuriating to see them commit the exact same actions as soon as they stumbled their way into power.

Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka are facing an investigation for using a private email server for official White House business; now their brother Donald Trump Jr. is now facing scrutiny from watchdog groups for accepting huge sums of money to give “speeches.” 

On Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. will be giving a speech at Faulkner University, a private Christian college in Alabama, for which he will be paid $100,000. He is also set to receive another $100,000, plus an additional $5,000 in “food, lodging, and travel expenses,” when he speaks at the University of North Texas on October 24th.

Donald Trump Jr. has drawn criticism before for his speeches, which included $50,000 for an event hosted by pro-Russian French think tank before the election and at a United Arab Emirates university prior to the inauguration. 

“The paid speeches do not break any laws, but create a risk of Trump’s children getting unethical benefits from their father’s role as president. They also open the possibility of foreign governments using access to Trump’s children as a way to influence U.S. policy” says the executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, Noah Bookbinder.

Of course, Trump Jr. has a long track record of decrying the Clinton’s paid speeches as “pay to play” – but somehow that doesn’t seem to apply to himself.

While the fees that the Clintons received for their speeches are indeed exorbitant, the argument can be made that their prominence and decades of experience in international affairs justifies receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars for a speech.

That same argument cannot be made for Donald Trump Jr, who has coasted through life on a silver stroller.

What wisdom could he possibly have to share that would be worth a hundred thousand dollars?

An inspiring speech about how to drink your way through an Ivy League education? How to be given a job in your father’s company and have “deals” be dropped into your lap? How to be a sexist and a racist on social media? How to get yourself indicted for colluding with a foreign power?

Donald Trump Jr. and the rest of his family have proven time and time again that they see the only use of their newfound and ill-gotten power is to enrich themselves at every turn. We must find a way to rid ourselves of the First Grifters as quickly as we can – and punish them for their avarice.

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